A Guide to Financial Giving
The temple is fortunate to have members and friends who volunteer their time and energy to support our activities. While this physical support is critical, there is also a need to ask our members to consider financial support as well. These solicitations come in several forms and at times may seem confusing or even conflicting in purpose. Here’s a guide to some of the more common forms of financial giving.

Temple membership is important to a true Buddhist. Without a temple supported by it s members directly, there is no place to learn Buddha's teachings. Moreover, the temple is the centre of spreading Buddhism on every country. It provides the clerics and helps to educate new clerics. Therefore it is not enough just to belong to some connected organization, the temple needs your support to teach and spread true Buddhism.

Throughout our temple's existence, we have been fortunate to enjoy the generous support of countless individuals and organizations. While fundraising is a necessary component of temple life, it is not meant to be our primary focus. As a not-for-profit organization, our budget is designed to break even. All donations, regardless of size, are gratefully and equally accepted. Thanks to the planning and sacrifice of our elders, we have existed in Canada for decades. It is now up to our current members the Sansei and Yonsei to continue this tradition of selfless giving. Together with our new members and those who will join us in the years to come, the future will remain bright.

Envelope Days

There are six major religious holidays. These include Hoonko, Hanamatsuri, Gotane, Obon, Ohigan and Bodhi Day. Members and friends are encouraged to make a donation on these holidays whether they are able to attend the service or not.

Monthly Memorials
On the second Sunday of each month, the temple conducts a memorial service for those who have passed away during that month, regardless of year. If you wish to have a family member added to our records, please contact the minister or a member of the board.

The Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples of Canada assess annual dues based on temple membership. They dues are paid through your membership to the Manitoba Buddhist Temple. As a result, a portion of your your membership goes to support the JSBTC. Once a year, a JSBTC Day Service is held at all the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples during the month of October to commemorate the founding of Jodo Shinshu in Canada. The fund is used for the propagation of Jodo Shinshu in Canada through its educational programs, ministers’ seminars, and layleaders’ programs.

If you would like to share in the costs to provide support for our efforts in the Manitoba Buddhist Temple, you may make your offering to the following address:

Manitoba Buddhist Temple
39 Tecumseh Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3E 0J8

Canadians may request a tax receipt for those donations in excess of $10.

Thank you for your support in our very important work in filling our society with good karma and in promoting the teachings that help us fight the Three Poisons (ignorance, hatred and greed). Let us bring enlightenment, hope and healing to all beings without exception.