Agape Table
The Higan service is observed during the spring and autumn equinox of each year. Higan means the “other shore’ of Nirvana or Enlightenment as opposed to “this shore” of Samsara or Delusion.

In Jodo Shinshu traditions, the Higan observance is also called Sanbutsu-e or Gathering in Praise of the Buddha, one of the two purposes of ritual gathering. The other reason is to listen to the Buddha's teachings. During the observance of meditation, the emphasis is placed on the observance of the six Paramitas. Paramita is the Sanskrit for “other shore”.

To celebrate Higan 2009 with our community, the Manitoba Buddhist Temple prepared beef curry stew and steamed rice that was served to approximately 250 individuals at Agape Table, a non-profit organization that provides free hot meals to the people of the inner city of Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Buddhist Temple would like to thank all the individuals who assisted with this worthy project. We hope to continue with another meal in the future and hopefully count on your help for assistance.

Jim Hisanaga
President, Manitoba Buddhist Temple